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CrucialTrak Specializes in nano-technology driven biometrics, implemented in various types of access control system

CrucialTrak 300

CrucialTrak is a designer and manufacturer of the world’s first touchless all-in-one multi-biometric access control system. CrucialTrak specializes in nano-technology driven biometrics, implemented in a product line of biometric readers and access gates. CrucialTrak is the latest company in the CrucialTechnologies family, a global leader of manufacturing biometric devices for smartphones and laptops.

Multi-Biometrics terminal is an integration of different biometric technologies such as fingerprints, facial features, iris patterns and vein patterns in the identification and verification process. The use of Multi-Biometrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology. Most biometrics market players see a great potential that Multi-Biometrics products will become more prevalent in the near future.

CrucialTrak Multi-Biometric Solution,  leveraging up to four major technologies (touchless fingerprint, palm-vein, iris and face recognition), provide superior level of security. 4 different biometrics modules simultaneously capture and authenticate user's biological information in a second.

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