Next Generation Illumination

Go the Distance

Capture outstanding video surveillance images at distances 1640 ft from a single VARIO2 illuminator.

Raytec Security Products

Go Flexible
Achieve perfect illumination for any camera installation with VARIO2's Interchangeable Lens System. A single illuminator can deliver 5 different illumination angles, all with integrated Hot-Spot Reduction Technology (HRT)

Go Powerful
Using the latest PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology, VARIO2 illuminators deliver more light output than ever before - up to a 236% increase from its predecessor, VARIO 1

Go Remote
Control VARIO2 from the palm of your hand. All lighting set-up, programming and adjustment can be done quickly, easily and safely from ground level via a dedicated remote control - critically time saving for larger installations.

Lighting functionality, configurability and performance reach a new benchmark with the VARIO2 IP series of network illuminators. Fully IP addressable, VARIO2 IP enables you to create dynamic lighting systems, delivering the exact amount of light where and when it is needed. VARIO2 IP also integrates with 3rd party technology platforms and network devices.vario network

Go PoE
Available in three products sizes and three power level options 12W (af), 25W (at) and 50W (PoE+ +), VARIO2 PoE illuminatos can be plugged into your existing network infrastructure to achieve a simple and low cost installation.

Go Specify
VARIO2 takes the guess work out of lighting specifications with full scientific test data based on the industry's first lighting standard - 'POWERS'. Designed to help all security professionals specify with confidence, POWERS data provides a full understanding of how your chosen illuminator will perform.

Go Secure
With a new suite of advanced security features, VARIO2 makes installation and maintenance much easier, and lighting operation more secure. 

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